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Fresno Health Care Clinic Testimonials

With nine kids in our family, we've seen our share of Urgent Care clinics! Of the many we've visited, Everyday Health Care is by far the best.
Front desk staff is friendly and welcoming. Dr. Wilson is wonderful. He's one of those physicians who possesses the rare combination of both professional expertise and warm personal care. He has attended to my kids as well as my wife, and we've had great experiences on multiple visits.
We'd give Dr. Wilson and his staff more than five stars if we could!
Pastor P. on Yelp
Clovis, CA

Amazing!!!!! I have been her a handful of times and from the beginning the Drs were amazing. The most recent experience i had was with Dr Wilson, and let me just say he knows his stuff, hes kind and was gentle with removing a small cyste like bump i had on the back of my thigh. Just scheduled a simple plain appointment came in and was in and out in a matter of minutes and off he was with his next patients and off i was back home. I didnt feel a thing except the needle that had to numb the area but other then that he was amazing!! His staff has always been awesome and helpful.
They are my primary provider and have met my expectations and needs. Thank you!!
Celisa L. on Yelp
Clovis, CA

Dr. Wilson has to be the most informative Doctor ever because he actually took the time to go over paper works and provided me the best health answers/services. I came here to do a physical exam for my work & surprisingly the wait was not long at all for a walk-in (came at 5pm). I also took my tb skin test and flu shots here! Super quick! Well defiantly recommend this clinic to family and friends.
Samantha K. on Yelp
Clovis, CA

After reading reviews I was like, hmm ok I'll try it, has to be like any other urgent care. I get there as a walk in and this place is really nice inside. Gates on the outside just prove they take care of their stuff. Then some lady rushes in and asked for assistance with her sick mother, she needed a wheelchair. But she came in in such a panic, first thought was she should go to the hospital. But instead of nasty looks and sighing, the staff jumped to action to assist. 3 people followed the lady to her car to check on the mom. She ended up going to the hospital but the staff was amazing! I did not expect their reactions at all. So far so good. And I've only been waiting 15 min. I should be next lol. #wintercolds
Tamara G. on Yelp
Gilroy, CA

I had to return to this office on Saturday the 12th, and once again, I was not disappointed. I was greeted by Ashley as soon as I walked in, and she was very patient and empathetic about my situation. I only had to wait a couple of hours, which was nothing considering there were only three staff members working their tails off.
When it was my turn, I was seen by John, who listened to my issue and I could tell that he actually cared. He apologized for not being able to talk to me longer, but did take good care of me during the time we had. When we were done, he asked if I needed a hug, and even asked permission to pray for me. He was an amazing provider, and today I am finally starting to feel better.
I want to thank all three of the people working there yesterday, and I pray that someone higher up in the company gives these providers the praise they deserve. Thank you again John, for showing me that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
I highly recommend this facility, and as I have said before, if I could make any doctor or NP my primary provider, this facility would be my first and only choice.
They listen, they care, and they help. I cannot thank them all enough. Please recommend this to anyone and everyone who needs to visit an urgent care clinic.
Aimee S. on Yelp
Fresno, CA

By far the kindest, most gentle and patient doctor we have been too! We were recommended to come here to get my daughters stitches removed after we had horrible experience at an urgent care getting her stitches. Night and day experience!
Dr. Wilson definitely knows how to work with children. We were in and out in a matter of 15-20 minutes!
So glad we came here, only place we will go for our health needs from now on!
Nina K. on Yelp
Fresno, CA

Everyday Heath care Impressed me so much that now it's become my go to choice for Any kind of Health needs!!!!! From the fast & Friendly service at the check in desk to time getting in to a room has never been more than 15mins. To The Caring Dr's. that Really listens to you!! The Whole experience is A easy 5 Starr from me
Deana G. on Yellow Pages
Fresno, CA
We visited everyday health care today and we were very pleasantly surprised. The staff was very kind and efficient. Everything went very smoothly. The paper work, waiting time and treatment time was all done in about 45 min. We were incredibly pleased. I highly recommend this clinic for walk-in or appt.
Kristin E. on Yellow Pages
Fresno, CA

Great place Colleen and dr Wilson are the best absolutely the best urgent care in town with no wait hardly at all every place should be like this!!!
Vanessa Ashjian on Facebook
Fresno, CA

I've only been to Everyday once but the care I got was quick and professional. I would definitely go back.
Barbara Schmiedt Bryant on Facebook
Fresno, CA